Microcom Systems

Recent Work

Recently Microcom has performed market assessments, sales projections and detailed technology reviews

Our recent work has included:

  • earth station communications equipment technology review and market size
  • VSAT technology review and market size
  • TT&C market size and characteristics
  • EO earth station market size and characteristics
  • small satellite technology review
  • synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging market review
  • optical imaging market review
  • small satellite launch supply market review and market size
  • spacecraft component procurement review
  • nanosatellite manufacture and testing market review and market size
  • operational support for small satellites technology and market review
  • regulatory and licencing review for communications services

An operator of SAR imaging satellites was marketing their services for maritime surveillance. Microcom identified which countries were likely to be interested.

An organisation had recently bought a company with a subsidiary manufacturing maritime satcoms equipment. They needed to know if the subsidiary's sales projections were realistic.

A large military organisation had an operational need to legally operate VSATs in a large number of overseas locations, often at short notice. Microcom provided details of the licencing regimes in more than 180 countries worldwide, along with contact details for the regulatory agencies.

A major user of VSATs was planning its future uses of the technology. Microcom provided a detailed overview of all major vendors and their products as well as an in depth review of VSAT technology and how it may be expected to evolve over the next few years.

A flight hardware manufacturer was interested in providing test services for nanosatellite manufacturers. Microcom provided a detailed review of the nanosatellite market and of how these satellites are currently tested. Microcom also identified the key requirements for a nanosatellite test facility able to support EMC, vibration and thermal vacuum testing, providing an estimate of costs, as well as identifying key test equipment suppliers.

An investor was interested in establishing a small satellite manufacturing facility either by buying an existing flight hardware manufacturer and expanding it or by setting up a new facility from scratch. Microcom provided a detailed overview of the technology, key hardware, key suppliers, applications, technological constraints and prospective market size.

A European manufacturer of flight qualified spacecraft components wanted to market its products in additional geographical areas. Microcom identified a number of major North American purchasers of these components, and provided details of procurement and technical contacts.

A government organisation looking to support the small satellite market needed to understand the key drivers for small satellite launches. Microcom provided a detailed analysis of the small satellite launch market along with projections of its future development. Key constraints holding back market growth were also identified.

A manufacturer of EO and scientific satellite earth station equipment wanted to expand its market and needed to know where to focus its marketing effort. Microcom identified key future growth areas.

An organisation with an interest in nanosatellites wanted to establish a network to support communications with nanosatellites as a service to satellite operators. Microcom provided a detailed review of how nanosatellites currently communicate with their satellites and the regulatory environment governing them. Microcom also reviewed suitable earth station configurations, providing costings and identifying suppliers.

A motor racing team used a satellite link to relay test data from race tracks to their design headquarters. The contract for this was up for renewal and they needed to know if they were paying a fair price.