Reviews of Licensing and the Regulatory Environment

Our reviews of licensing and the regulatory environment present a comprehensive, detailed picture of the rules that govern the space marketplace

Microcom usually prepares reviews of licensing and the regulatory environment on a commission basis for individual clients usually in one of the following areas:

  • satellite communications
  • Earth observation and remote sensing
  • launches
  • launch site operation
  • spacecraft operation
  • export control

Depending on our customer's requirements and the particular area of the space marketplace being reviewed, we can include some, or all, of the following, usually on a country by country basis:

  • Regulatory Overview provides a top level view of the regulations in a particular country, identifying:
    • the main legislation currently in place
    • future legislation being developed
    • the agencies and government departments implementing the legislation
    • the regulations as they are currently implemented
    • any guidance on the implementation of regulations
  • Historical Background provides a review of how the current regulatory environment developed
  • Contact Information for all of the regulatory agencies and government departments

Our customers use our reviews to gain an overview of the regulatory environment in countries they want to operate in

One of our clients, a large military organisation, had an operational need to legally operate VSATs in a large number of overseas locations in friendly countries, often at short notice. Microcom provided detailed reviews of the licencing regimes in more than 180 countries worldwide, along with contact details for the relevant regulatory agencies.

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