Competition Reviews and Analysis

Our competition reviews provide a concise picture of where a company stands in the space marketplace

Microcom usually generates competition reviews on a commission basis for individual clients and, depending on our customer's requirements can include some, or all, of the following:

  • Market Overview provides a top level view of the marketplace and the main factors which influence it
  • Market Dynamics reviews the technological, economic and forces at play which drive and constrain the market
  • Key Technologies provides a detailed description of the main current and near future technologies used in a marketplace
  • Market Trends reviews how the market is changing as a result of evolving technology, customer requirements and expectations, and the regulatory environment
  • Competitor Profiles provides detailed information on the main competitors including financials, product portfolio, as well as strengths and weaknesses and including:
    • Market Share Analysis providing a breakdown of the marketplace, typically by product or service type, application, geography
    • SWOT Analysis reviewing the internal factors which affect company performance
    • PESTLE Analysis reviewing the external factors which affect company performance
    • Five Forces Analysis reviewing the competitive environment in which the company operates
  • Opportunity Analysis identifies potential areas for new developments, products, services and market expansion
  • Scenario Analysis develops projections of how the marketplace may evolve depending on how various market drivers and constraints interact

Our customers use these reviews to strengthen their understanding of their position in the space marketplace and to identify opportunities for growth

A client, a manufacturer of Earth observation and scientific satellite earth station equipment, wanted to expand its market and needed to know where to focus its marketing effort. We provided a detailed review of the data downlink market and our client's competitors within the market, identifying key future growth areas.

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