What We Do

Microcom is a specialist consultancy providing market intelligence on the space industry

We provide a range of consultancy services to the global space industry including:

Our main areas of interest are:

  • launch services
  • satcoms including VSATs, communications services, fixed and mobile terminals and large earth station equipment
  • Earth observation (optical and SAR imaging) and remote sensing
  • military space
  • NewSpace
  • scientific spacecraft
  • space situational awareness
  • space as a service
  • human spaceflight
  • space tourism
  • suborbital space
  • robotics
  • in space manufacturing
  • spacecraft servicing and refueling
  • space operations including TT&C, deep space operations and data downloading
  • ground stations as a service
  • space tugs
  • nano, micro and small satellite manufacture and applications
  • smallsats
  • space agency activities
  • regulatory environment
  • spacecraft manufacturing and test

As well as working directly with clients, from time to time we also publish multi-client reports on aspects of the space industry along with compilations of data on the space industry and its activities.

We also publish the Space Industry Database online. This is a comprehensive trade directory for the space industry and is also where we publish background data on the industry and the technology used.

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