State of the Market Reviews

Our state of the market reviews present a comprehensive, detailed picture of the space marketplace

Microcom usually generates state of the market reviews on a commission basis for individual clients and, depending on our customer's requirements and the particular aspect of the space marketplace being reviewed, can include some, or all, of the following:

  • Market Overview provides a top level view of the marketplace and the main factors which influence it
  • Market Segmentation introduces the key ways in which the marketplace can be divided so that a deeper understanding of the key drivers and constraints can be developed
    • by product type
    • by end user
    • by technology
    • by application
    • by region
  • Key Drivers and Restraints on Growth identifies the key factors which have made the marketplace what it is today and which will continue to affect its future development
    • competitive landscape
    • current trends
    • industry developments
    • technological developments
    • market drivers
    • market restraints
    • market opportunities
    • market challenges
    • key industry developments including mergers, acquisitions, parnerships, grants and major project awards
    • supply chain analysis
  • Key Suppliers identifies the key players in the market, providing a profile on each including relevant metrics and product information
  • Market Sizing provides comprehensive data on the historical and present market size, usually presented both as a global market size and split in accordance with the market segmentation identified earlier
  • Market Projections provides detailed projections of future market growth (or decline), again usually presented both as a global market size and split in accordance with market segmentation, normally for a five year period and often considering a number of different growth scenarios
  • Market Analysis draws together the observations from the earlier sections to present a series of coherent and concise conclusions about how the market will develop and what the main factors influencing this will be

Our customers use our state of the market reviews to gain a greater understanding of the market they are operating in, or of a market they want to enter

One of our clients, an investor, was interested in establishing a small satellite manufacturing facility either by buying an existing flight hardware manufacturer and expanding it or by setting up a new facility from scratch. Microcom provided a detailed overview of the technology, key hardware, key suppliers, applications, technological constraints and prospective market size.

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