Company Reviews

We provide detailed information on commercial and government organisations for marketing, procurement, company acquisition and for investors

For each company of interest we can typically, if required, provide:

  • full company name
  • logo
  • HQ address
  • main phone number
  • email address
  • website address
  • social media channels
  • main operating units / divisions
  • description of activities
  • main products/services with flight heritage if applicable
  • principal officers, including CEO, CTO, CFO, COO
  • marketing contacts
  • press contacts
  • procurement contacts
  • list of facilities with contact details and addresses
  • list of other offices with contact details and addresses
  • list of other assets including satellites (type, mass, launch data, lifetime) and teleports
  • list of manufacturing and test facilities
  • capitalisation
  • turnover
  • space turnover
  • company type
  • share price for listed companies
  • number of staff
  • ownership
    • main shareholders, shareholding
  • investors
    • investor name, investment, date, value
  • grants and other financial aid
    • grantor, date, value
  • subsidiaries
  • recent projects (last five years)
    • name, date, involvement, value, customer

Our customers use our company reviews to help select suppliers, potential clients and acquisition targets

One of our clients, a major US space consultancy, was interested in entering the European market and, in particular, selling to ESA and NATO. We provided detailed reviews of these two organisations including structure, leadership, budgets, procurement policies, tendering procedures and future project procurement plans.
Another of our clients, a large UK manufacturing and consultancy company, had successfully acquired several US space companies and was looking to repeat this in Europe, starting by acquiring a number of UK companies. We proveded a detailed review of all small to medium sized space industry manufacturing companies in the UK, including details of product range, heritage, ownership and financial data. In addition, we identified those that were potential aquisition targets.

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