Market Sizing and Projections

We generate historical and current market sizings for most key segments of the space industry

We have provided our clients with market data on everything from spacecraft launches to EO groundstation downconverters and from satcoms bandwidth to flight qualified hardware.

We have extensive inhouse resouces on all aspects of the space industry as well as access to many other sources of industry data.

Firmly based on historical performance, and taking into account current and near future constraints and opportunities, we can also generate market projections for many key space industry market segments

Depending on the market segment we start with historical performance and estimate future market size taking into account numerous factors including:

  • announced projects
  • technological developments
  • acceptance of technology
  • demand
  • constraints on manufacture, deployment and implementation
  • market trends
  • changes in the regulatory environment
  • customer demographics
  • competition from competing technologies and services (both space and terrestrial)

Often we will provide market projections for multiple scenarios, reflecting the uncertainties in this type of prediction.

We help our customers understand where the space marketplace is now and how it will evolve

A client, a government organisation, was looking to support its domestic small satellite market and needed to understand the key drivers for small satellite launches. We provided a detailed analysis of the small satellite launch market along with projections of its future development. We also identified the main constraints holding back market growth.
A client, which was a large defence manufacturer, had recently bought a company with a subsidiary manufacturing maritime satcoms equipment. They had little experience of the space marketplace and needed to know if the subsidiary's sales projections were realistic. We were able to provide them with an overview of the maritime satcoms market and to confirm that the subsidiary's sales objectives were achievable

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