Market Research, Analysis and Intelligence

Microcom has been collecting and curating data on the space industry and the key players in it for over three decades, providing analysis of the space marketplace for clients globally

Microcom has the research and analysis capability to provide:

  • pre-bid intelligence by researching potential customers backgrounds, possible requirements and identifying key drivers
  • market and technology reviews including the assessment of competing technologies and the impact of economic, geographic, political and demographic conditions
  • market analysis and projections for use in strategic planning

Microcom occasionally publishes multi-client reports on a number of aspects of the space marketplace and space technology, as well as preparing reports for individual clients on a commission basis.

We understand how the industry works, the technology that makes it possible and the regulations that both enable and constrain it

We currently track the performance and achievements of over five thousand organisations involved in the industry and maintain extensive databases on launchers, launches, spacecraft and space industry organisations.

In addition to using our own in-house databases we have the capability to harvest relevant information from a wide spectrum of online and published resources including websites, directories, financial reports, official filings, press releases, product datasheets, papers, patents and government reports and statistics.

We also perform primary market research, contacting companies and individuals directly to understand their opinions on industry topics.

We use our knowledge of the global space industry to give you the information you need to improve your business

Our skill is to collate and process a vast amount of market, demographic, geopolitical and economic data from multiple sources.

Our strength is that, in addition to understanding the business of space, we also understand the technology.

We specialise in identifying the key issues that affect markets and their development.

We help our customers understand the space marketplace and how they can develop their business

A client with an interest in nanosatellites wanted to establish a network to support communications with nanosatellites as a service to satellite operators. We provided a detailed review of how nanosatellites currently communicate with their satellites and the regulatory environment governing them. We also reviewed suitable earth station configurations, providing costings and identifying suppliers.
A client who was an operator of SAR imaging satellites wanted to market their services for maritime surveillance. We were able to tell our client which countries were suitable targets for marketing efforts by identifying countries with large maritime areas, but which currently had limited surveillance capabilities.
One of our clients, a flight hardware manufacturer, was interested in providing test services for nanosatellite manufacturers. We provided a detailed review of the nanosatellite market and of how these satellites are currently tested. Microcom also identified the key requirements for a nanosatellite test facility able to support EMC, vibration and thermal vacuum testing, providing an estimate of costs, as well as identifying key test equipment suppliers.
One of our clients, a motor racing team, used a satellite link to relay test data from race tracks to their design headquarters. The contract for this was up for renewal and they needed to know if they were paying a fair price. We were able to confirm that they were getting good value for money.

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